Islamic Curriculum

Islamic Curriculum

The Islamic Curriculum comprises study of the Noble Qur’aan, and Islamic Studies. Children are taught to read, memorise and understand the Noble Qur’an. All children in Key Stage 2 pray the daily in congregation during the winter period. Key Stage 1 children are taught how to pray correctly under teacher supervision. In addition to the general Islamic ethos and weekly assembly held at the school, an hour-and-a-half of formal education, taught by qualified or experienced teachers is provided by the Islamic Department. Children are assessed during the first few weeks and subsequently divided into different groups depending on individual standards. The aim of this lesson is to teach the students confident, fluent, correct recitation of the Holy Qur’aan with quality. As children progress at varying pace and speed, we group Qur’aan classes according to pupil standards and not age groups. Targets and achievements are set by our Staff according to each child’s potential. This allows bright pupils to be challenged further, make progress according to their potential and move at a faster pace. We recognise that fluent and correct recitation of the Holy Qur’aan depends on developing good basic skills during early years and avoiding common errors which become obstacles in the path of smooth and fluent Tilaawat (recitation) in later years.

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